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Reading fellow author Emily Grabatin's book, "Dare to Decide," she defines a crossroad as: Externally (an event) - "turning points that announce things will never be the same." Internally - "...are defining moments that shape who we're becoming. They force us to evaluate our priorities. They are opportunities to rise up, to thrive in your purpose in any circumstance." Her words are so timely and true! Externally, the world will never be the same. The new "normal" will be different. Better or worse depends on how we adjust "internally" to our circumstances and subsequently the actions we take to move forward...or stay stuck. Dr. David Jeremiah refers to this time as a "major disruptive event." We will experience disruptive events throughout our lives, and each time we do, we have choices and decisions to make. It's been 5+ months now that our lives and routines have been majorly altered by a virus that continues to have an impact on our lives and livelihood. How has this event, aka crossroad, impacted your life? Has it caused you to re-evaluate your priorities? Have you found this to be a time of oppression or opportunity, of hopelessness or hope? What decisions do you need to make at this crossroad in your life? NOW is a good time to: re-evaluate your priorities; acknowledge your fears (so you can deal with them); seek clarity in your purpose; and draw on your strengths and the strength of one even greater! With faith you will find hope and opportunities. And don't be afraid to seek help from others, we are too close to our own problems and issues to see clearly and objectively. Mark Twain once wrote that "the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why." And I will add to that, that the third most important day in your life is the day you take action on your why, your purpose! What action will you take at this crossroad in life? (Dare to Decide: Discovering Peace, Clarity and Courage at Life's Crossroads by Emily Grabatin.)

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